Extend your reach – establish a team encapsulating your own developers and processes


The dedicated development team is designed to meet your specific needs. Adopting our collaborative approach, the team is empowered to execute your company vision with clarity.


Our commitment to your success drives our actions to achieve the desired results as the dedicated team members acquire in-depth knowledge of your business and software solutions – creating a long-term partnership between you and INSCALE.


Our repository of collaboration experience with all our clients is accessible to you.


We focus on the process to integrate a fully encapsulated, and dedicated team into your organisation, processes, methodologies and tools. INSCALE has extensive experience in this field and contributes proactively in the transition.

How to select

The software development team is assembled to meet your specific needs and will undergo knowledge transfer in regard to your business domain and software development framework.


Unlike traditional outsourcing, we believe a dedicated team working with you over a long term is more effective. The approach results in highly loyal developers who are committed to your company goals on both a professional and personal level.


We have our own HR professionals who have thorough knowledge and years of local experience in establishing and retaining successful teams. In order to source and acquire the best talent, our internal team of experienced headhunters and recruiters ensures the candidates are subjected to a rigorous evaluation process for a right-fit into your ethic and work culture.

Hear one of INSCALE's clients, Widex/WS Audiology, talk about their experiences, challenges and suggestions when it comes to inscaling software development.

All Included

How do we facilitate the collaboration between you and your new team?

Talent Selection & Team Composition

You and INSCALE will build a long-term partnership that involves the Team Members acquiring in-depth domain knowledge of your business and software solutions to perform the required scope of work.

Therefore, INSCALE will in many cases, assemble resources that are beyond INSCALE’s organisation and are equipped with the required technical skills/experience and other important soft skills. An average of a 3-month duration is expected to establish the first team. Hereafter, adding new team members will run like clockwork in a steady stream as per your needs and a duration as low as 4 weeks.

Alignment & Knowledge Transfer

During the onboarding phase, Alignment workshops and meetings will be conducted to align our organisations with our collaboration expectations, brand awareness, job descriptions and more.

The purpose of the engagement is to gain a deeper understanding of a client’s development methodologies, collaboration tools to tailor INSCALE’s services for a seamless collaboration.

Relationship Management

In collaboration with leads on the client’s teams, INSCALE Delivery Managers ensure delivery excellence by overseeing the daily operations and deliverables for the assigned employees. They manage relationships with stakeholders across service delivery operations and liaise with the client’s program manager to establish effective communication and governance.

The dedicated delivery manager will oversee the delivery of the entire palette of INSCALE’s managed services for a specific client team, including HR Management, IT Operations, Facility Management, Security, Admin and Finance.

With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to conquer the cultural challenges that every organisation encounters when expanding their team abroad.

Productivity and Deliverables

Once the team is at full throttle, INSCALE arrange meetings on activities related to performing the Scope of Work and Services in general. We find it important with a cadence of Coordination and Governance Meetings, so no detail is overlooked in all aspects of our Services: Delivery, HR matters, invoicing and customer feedback.

As significant resources will be invested to source and train the best talents, our employee retention strategy is of utmost importance. You will be involved to the extent of establishing a close relationship with your team. We in turn, support the Strategy by working on competitive salary and benefits, performance evaluations, communication schemes, training, flexible working hours, fostering team-work, dealing with changes in the pursuit for a healthy work/life balance environment.

INSCALE specialises in building teams with global talents who can successfully integrate into our client’s organisation. This video explains how we assemble your team.

SEB found it difficult to recruit and retain talented developers at their office in Denmark. INSCALE was needed to execute SEB’s business strategy for technologies such as Mainframe, Java, Cloud, Mobile and .Net


Jacob D. Nielsen

Vice President IT & Offshore Manager | SEB

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Our Culture

INSCALE emphasizes on a good working environment for the employees in the global teams. Our clients usually subscribe to the Agile processes, helping the employees to work as ONE team with the developers, interacting directly with product owners, architects and managers.

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Let's Talk

Do you want to know more about our unique and captive model?

Niels Erik Wøhlk

VP of Sales and Marketing


Tel. +45 3157 9300


We would be happy to help you select the right team that meets your software development needs and fits your company culture.

Mark Vedel

UK Sales Director


Tel. +44 77 1955 5758

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