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Commercially responsible for global business development since 2019. Has 25 years of sales and marketing experience hereof 15 years within IT software as a service. Graduate in financial marketing. Niels lives in the country side with his wife and 2 dogs. His spare-time is focused on outdoor and indoor cycling and being a voluntary production manager on a web rock radio station.
Tel. +45 3157 9300


In most cases, we believe, that you need to be a team of 3-5 developers to create the best flow of collaboration.
Working with INSCALE you will achieve your own tailor-made software engineering team. Our model is quite different from traditional outsourcing as we don’t have a bench with resources. Our own search & selection team will headhunt, handpick and hire talents with all the needed backend operational support! Expect between 12-16 weeks before boots on ground.

You can fit your team as you go along.

You can SCALE UP:
INSCALE’s hiring team will search & select at no extra charges.

Reduce your team at a fixed fee and notice period.

You can REPLACE:
If a team member resigns or there is lack of performance, INSCALE will replace at no extra charges.

Did you book a meeting? Here’s a word from our client

We are an IT partner to the ProOffice group. Hear Bobby Brix Espersen, the head of IT-production, talk about their experience with INSCALE.

In the last couple of years, we’ve really built a good team; an efficient and high performing software development team that is now consisting of 20 people, with a good range of different experiences and good people. So, we wouldn’t have been where we are today if we would only go by trying to recruit in Denmark.

Bobby Brix Espersen
Head of IT-Production | ProOffice Group

Our Locations

We provide development resources from Malaysia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Portugal