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Commercially responsible for global business development since 2019. Has 25 years of sales and marketing experience hereof 15 years within IT software as a service. Graduate in financial marketing. Niels lives in the country side with his wife and 2 dogs. His spare-time is focused on outdoor and indoor cycling and being a voluntary production manager on a web rock radio station.
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In most cases, we believe, that you need to be a team of 3-5 developers to create the best flow of collaboration.
Working with INSCALE you will achieve your own tailor-made software engineering team. Our model is quite different from traditional outsourcing as we don’t have a bench with resources. Our own search & selection team will headhunt, handpick and hire talents with all the needed backend operational support! Expect between 12-16 weeks before boots on ground.

You can fit your team as you go along.

You can SCALE UP:
INSCALE’s hiring team will search & select at no extra charges.

Reduce your team at a fixed fee and notice period.

You can REPLACE:
If a team member resigns or there is lack of performance, INSCALE will replace at no extra charges.

Did you book a meeting? Here’s a word from our client

May Britt Haugsvær, Engineering Manager & Eirunn Skogen, HR Manager

Our Portuguese team is just amazing. Last year we lost quite a few people on the Norwegian side of the team and the Portuguese team members sort of just kept us afloat; because we had given them the responsibility, because we didn’t consider them a B team.

May Britt Haugsvær
Engineering Manager | Sbanken

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