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Jakob D. Nielsen, Vice President IT & Offshore Manager at our client SEB Pension, talks about the key outcomes and challenges of scaling their development team.

INSCALE specialises in building teams with global talents who can successfully integrate into our client’s organisation. This video explains how we assemble your team.

SEB started its development team with INSCALE in 2009 with three developers. Now the team has 90 IT professionals.


SEB started its development team with INSCALE in 2009. Originally employing three developers, the team has since grown to 90 IT professionals. They are recruited and facilitated by INSCALE. The team works in a very agile way with SEB colleagues in Europe. Hear VP IT and Offshore Manager Jakob D. Nielsen discuss how SEB’s team was built in Malaysia and how it cooperates daily with colleagues in Northern Europe.

Key Outcomes

Our colleagues in Europe and Malaysia work together daily, as equals. In our very Agile environment, everybody has a “fix it” attitude. Our Malaysian team has launched strategic new products that they built entirely themselves. With the Malaysian team comprising 14 different nationalities, we have truly created an international working environment with the best qualified.

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