Even though Macedonia has a population of 2 million, it provides excellent supply of well-educated, highly skilled, talented & motivated IT experts and lives up to the demand for software engineers

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Establish a tech hub in Skopje

Skopje has the advantages of close proximity to a large market of over 670 million people. It is a strategic investment area due to its central position and easy accessibility. Our offices are linked to the city shopping center and the beautiful quay along the Vardar River with its amazing cafeterias. The office offers a magnificent view.

INSCALE offers tech hub solutions with all services included and an excellent working environment & professional services to take care of your demands. Skopje is a hidden gem in Europe, with low operating costs, no language barriers and a talent ready location to hire software engineers and developers.

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Welcome to INSCALE Macedonia, Skopje

Soravia Center, Str. Filip Vtori Makedonski No.3
Floor 8/2001
Skopje 1000
Republic of North Macedonia
+389 23 201 210

Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, amid the mountainous country of Macedonia, Skopje has a population of almost one million and presents the major economic, industrial, and academic center of the country along with an abundance of software engineers. In the World Bank’s report “Doing Business 2019”, Macedonia ranks 10th among 190 economies and leaves all other South Eastern European countries far behind.

We can recognize Skopje as a very competitive business location in Europe. It offers a tradition of excellence, skilled and available workforce, herein software engineers, in an environment of macroeconomic stability, excellent infrastructure, good labor market and as a land of nature and cradle of culture.

Over the past decade, the city’s technological development has been breathing in a dynamic rhythm.

Skopje is a lively and relevant IT destination to find software engineers. Nearly 400 students in the IT sector graduate yearly at IT Universities and move on to develop their career in the software engineering world.

Skopje is a strategic location and communicates easily with the Mediterranean region to the south east and the area of Central and Northern Europe. It is only a few hours’ flight from most European Countries, supported by low-cost and frequently operating airlines. Skopje is in the central European time zone, making it a convenient location for easy-going remote collaboration with potential software engineers.

Skopje boasts a diverse, modern, friendly and outgoing population, a rich cultural tradition and natural heritage.

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Asaf Ademi
Country Manager,
Macedonia & Ukraine
Tel. +389 23 201 210

Asaf Ademi
Country Manager,
Macedonia & Ukraine
Tel. +389 23 201 210

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Mark Vedel
Sales, UK
+44 77 1955 5758

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