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An alternative to employ by building a team dedicated to you. Achieve an all-inclusive scalable team where domain knowledge stays with you.

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INSCALE offers you an international experience, collaborative working environment and opportunity to stay in technical shape.

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Are you looking for software development talents to develop and maintain your core solutions but struggling to attract and retain them locally?

Do you face scarcity of resources or exceeding budgets?

If you outsource, are you concerned with protecting your Intellectual Property?

INSCALE provides an alternative to employ by building a team dedicated to you. You will achieve an all-inclusive scalable team where domain knowledge stays with you. INSCALE provides seamless sourcing and operation allowing you to focus on your strategic development where it matters most.

INSCALE services and supports you to build and operate your team, whilst you execute your product roadmap.

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Compliment your existing software team with skilled developers from INSCALE

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alternative to employ

INSCALE operates as an integral part of your organisation

We are currently helping clients on HOT topic solutions within

React, Angular & JAVA
iOS & Android
RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Cognitive Cloud Engineering
Natural Language Processing
Design and Usability (UI/UX)
SOA, Micro Services
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data

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Our Team is your Team

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Our promise is an all-inclusive agreement to support your strategic development. Our INSCALE team has years of experience in delivering our service to companies through our 4 development centers in Skopje, Lisbon, Kyiv and Kuala Lumpur.

Our belief in Excellence, Simplicity and Collaboration is rooted in our culturally diverse and talented workforce to promote an engaging work atmosphere that fosters a spirit of dedication and long term tenure.

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Our service teams are the first, the last, and the “in between” when we employ, facilitate, support and consult

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Our Stories

alternative to employ - jakob nielsen - 1

I am not interested in services. I am interested in people and in establishing strong relations. That is how we create real value. The integration is so smooth that I often forget how parts of the development team is employed by INSCALE and located in Malaysia.

Jakob D. Nielsen
Head of ADC | SEB

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Our Locations

We provide development resources from Malaysia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Portugal

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