Software Innovators!
Handpick the right IT-Tech talents to grow your organisation
Software Innovators!
Handpick the right IT-Tech talents to grow your organisation

Are you struggling to find the perfect IT-tech talent? Our tech-savvy Talent Acquisition experts use executive search methodology that empowers you to connect with top-tier professionals locally, remotely, or even at your own satellite tech-hub abroad.

Two solutions delivered in a unique subscription model

One objective - 2 solutions

1 ㅤTalent as a Service

Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service or in short TaaS, is a simple low risk subscription service including superb replacement assurance for Scale-up’s and SMB Software Innovators who prefer to keep their IP and domain knowledge INHOUSE.

We are here when the recruiting yourself is exhausting, when the competition to find the real tech talent is blood-red and general recruitment agents don’t deliver value, is too expensive or takes no risks.

INSCALE is a professional talent acquisition specialist in the space of software developers, IT engineers and personnel. We mobilize our own tech savvy headhunters and recruitment team to find the right talents for our clients local or remote.

We will share the hiring risk; if your employee leaves within 3 years for any reason, we will discontinue the subscription, find a qualified replacement at no extra cost, and restart the subscription the day the new talent starts working for you.

INSCALE has an incentive to be long-term engaged to become a success, hence we are a resource partner. It’s a win-win!

Looking for talent acquisition partners or recruiter talent acquisition? Perhaps INSCALE can help you.

We use our expert talent acquisition strategies to scale your tech team while matching your company DNA and culture

INSCALE's Talent Acquisition processes help clients retain full control of their IT development & domain knowledge.

We provide software resources either locally, regionally, or remote utilising our first class talent acquisition team to handpick and match resources

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Years of experience within talent acquisition
2 ㅤBuild your dedicated tech-hub
Build your dedicated tech-hub
INSCALE - Work Atmosphere - Developer Team

Establish and build your own new low-risk tech hub at one of our 4 Development Centres

Development Centers

Join forces with us to establish your tech-hub in Portugal, Macedonia, Ukraine and Malaysia.

You get access to a vast talent pool. The team only works for you. You get lower development cost and can build your software solutions within budget.

Our headhunters engage top IT-tech talents. We meticulously select talents with outstanding qualifications and aligned with your company’s culture and mission.

You choose the talents best matched for your organisation.

Our Delivery Manager will handle all the services needed to make your team effective. We provide offices facilities, HR and IT infrastructure in a Managed Service model. We are ISO 27001 certified.

We are not outsourcing. We are your insourcing and scaling partner, hence our name, INSCALE.

INSCALE Team Spirit - Collaboration at work

We help you build exceptional teams

We help you build exceptional teams

Scale your company by getting top skilled software engineers in your team.

Our technical headhunters attract talents at any experience level and in the technology you need: Java, .NET, Node, Ruby, Golang, PHP, React, Python, mainframe or iOS/Android.

Whether you need backend or frontend developers, DevOps, scrum masters, product owners, UX/UI, test engineers, data scientists, data engineers, team leads or engineering managers, we can help you finding the right talent.

An image of some of the tech-stacks we support and can find talent

Our Cases

TimeLog - Jannik Vittrup 1 - 2

With INSCALE, we had fewer candidates than we are used to, but they fit better, and they were on a higher competence level. In general, the quality of the profiles that we got back from INSCALE was higher than we are used to.

Jannik Vittrup
Head of Development | QualiWare

Sbanken is a Norwegian digital bank founded in the year 2000.

TimeLog develops software for knowledge-based companies to optimise their business.

Aprila Bank is a B2B bank primarily focused on startups and scale-ups.

Our Locations

We provide development resources either locally or at your own satellite tech hub in Portugal, Malaysia, Macedonia & Ukraine