One model - 2 services
One model
2 services

INSCALE want to be the impactful growth partner to people and businesses. We provide you Software Development Talent Acquisition through our Build – Operate – Transformation model either locally or at your own satellite tech-hub abroad.

INSCALE want to be the impactful growth partner to people and businesses. We provide you Software Development Talent Acquisition through our Build – Operate – Transformation model either locally or at your own satellite tech-hub abroad.

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1 ㅤResource as a Service

Resource as a Service (RaaS)

Resource as a Service or in short RaaS, is a simple low risk subscription service for Scale-up’s and SMBs who prefer to keep their IP and domain knowledge INHOUSE.

INSCALE is a professional talent acquisition specialist in the space of software developers and IT engineers. We mobilize our own headhunters and recruitment team to find the right talents for our clients locally, regionally or globally– hired onto your payroll and your employment risk!

We will share the risk; if your employee leaves – no matter the circumstances – we will replace the seat with a new talent free of charge. INSCALE has an incentive to be long-term engaged to become a success, hence we are a resource partner. It’s a win-win!

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Looking for talent acquisition partners or recruiter talent acquisition? Perhaps INSCALE can help you.

We use our expert talent acquisition strategies to scale your tech team while matching your company DNA and culture

INSCALE's Talent Acquisition processes help clients retain full control of their IT development & domain knowledge.

We provide software resources either locally, regionally, or remote utilising our first class talent acquisition team to handpick and match resources

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2 ㅤManaged Service
Managed Service
INSCALE - Work Atmosphere - Developer Team

Establish and build your own new low-risk tech hub at one of our 4 Operational Development Centres

Operational Development Centers (ODCs)

Let INSCALE take the employment risk! Through managed service we build and operate satellite tech hubs for our clients at one of our 4 near- and offshore Operational Development Centres in Portugal, Malaysia, Ukraine and North Macedonia.

Our pro talent acquisition is the same as RaaS but the engineers will instead be on INSCALE’s payroll. The value of INSCALING talents means that you actually choose who is hired. You choose the best matched talent to your team and the talent choose you.

In addition to our talent acquisition, we take care of all the hassle behind the scenes. A dedicated Delivery Manager will oversee the entire palette of INSCALE’s managed service for your team. And on top, we got everything covered from office facilities and HR to IT infrastructure and governance support.

No bench. No rate cards. The price for our service is completely transparent and open. Finally, should you in the future want to transfer the team onto your own payroll and entity, then our transformation option is free, ready and standard.

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With INSCALE, you can at any time transfer the employees to your own entity or contract

We help clients with HOT topic solutions

We help clients with HOT topic solutions

Shape the future of your business through talent acquisition of the right skilled developers and engineers. INSCALE provides dedicated resources in almost any technology stack that encompass both web and mobile development technologies.

Subscribe to INSCALE’s services to obtain talent acquisition of your own dedicated agile team members, matching your needs; from backend developers to frontend developers, test engineers, DevOps engineers, Scrum Masters, product owners, and UX/UI designers.

We headhunt and hand-pick individual talents locally, regional, remote or at your own tech hub abroad where we take care of the hassle. It is all about reducing risk and assuring retention!

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Wondering if you'll be able to find the right talent within a certain software language? Our talent acquisition consultants will be happy to assist you.

Our Cases

We are an IT partner to the ProOffice group. Hear Bobby Brix Espersen, the head of IT-production, talk about their experience with INSCALE.

In the last couple of years, we’ve really built a good team; an efficient and high performing software development team that is now consisting of 20 people, with a good range of different experiences and good people. So, we wouldn’t have been where we are today if we would only go by trying to recruit in Denmark.

Bobby Brix Espersen
Head of IT-Production | ProOffice Group

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SEB is a leading Nordic financial services group, founded in 1856.

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TimeLog develops software for knowledge-based companies to optimise their business.

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TripX Travel offers cheap, quality trips to hand-picked hotels.

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ProOffice is a group of companies providing training in Office products and administrative systems since 2002.

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Our Locations

We provide development resources either locally or at your own satellite tech hub in Portugal, Malaysia, North Macedonia & Ukraine

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