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Why work for INSCALE

INSCALE offers you an international experience, collaborative working environment and opportunity to stay in technical shape.


You can discover, innovate, produce and perform meaningful work on behalf of our clients. Our clients trust you to be part of their development team to help them stay one step ahead by challenging them, thinking ahead and understanding their business to develop solutions. You will grow together with others.


This is what we have in mind when we say “we build world class teams and celebrate our differences along the way”.


As a team member, you play an important role in a fast-growing and well-respected product-based tech company. Here, your voice is heard, and your input is welcome. Your direct access to top management is encouraged and our team members are supported, valued and given the opportunity to develop and grow.


We foster a collaborative working environment, where every team member is relevant and respected. At INSCALE we are focused on attracting and retaining talent. That’s why our employees are the epitome of our success.

INSCALE Interview Process

Candidates are typically interviewed a few times by various hiring managers before a hiring decision is made. The hiring process may vary according to the sourced position and location.


1. Initial Discussion

2. Online Assessments

3. HR Interview

4. Leadership Interview

5. Final Interview

6. Decision & Offer


We encourage you to ask questions during your interview to learn more about careers in INSCALE as we get to know you and your qualifications better. After each personal interview you will receive feedback from the recruiter. If your application is unsuccessful, you will also be informed. Detailed process can be found in our FAQ.

Our Benefits

At INSCALE, our benefits are available to most eligible employees at the date of hire.

Work with the best

We foster diversity and inclusion. You will be surrounded by colleagues who are friendly, professional and passionate about their work.

Meaningful Work

We empower our employees to do work that matters and give our people autonomy to do their best work.

International Collaboration

You will be working in an international and diversified environment with opportunity for professional and personal development.

INSCALE Community

We make it a point to take time away from our busy schedules for culture building activities such as casual or tech meet-ups, group outings to celebrate victories, birthdays and festive parties.

Work-Life Balance

To help our employees strike a healthy balance between their jobs and other aspects of their lives, we offer a flexible working environment in all our global locations.

Centrally located office

Work within walking distance to the best restaurants, cafes and department stores with great transportation options close by.

Medical & Health Insurance

All employees are eligible for healthcare coverage which will vary from one location to another.

Ergonomic Workplace

We continually work on securing a safe and pleasant work environment. Our offices are designed to be inviting and encourage inspiration.

Paid Holidays and Sick Leave

Our vacation and holiday benefits give you a considerable amount of paid time away from work each year and may vary from one location to another.

Expat Guide & Relocation Assistance

We provide visa assistance and administrative support for relocating new employees which may vary from one location to another.


Our new employees get off to an optimal start by participating in our INSCALE onboarding program.

Spread the Love

We hire the most talented people, whom you would be proud to associate with and call your peers. There is also a bonus incentive for you if your referral gets hired, which may vary from one location to another.

Our culture

With clients residing predominantly in Europe, Nordics and APAC, we are proud to have colleagues from over 35 nationalities at INSCALE situated throughout our locations. Our inclusive culture enables our diverse global team to leverage on our creativity and form our unique way of doing things. It is also important to us, that clients and employees view us as relevant because we embrace a wide range of cultural backgrounds, knowledge and experiences.


Our values are very important to us and shape the way we think, work and act in INSCALE. It is an integral part of our culture that strives for excellence in all things we do, focusing on simplicity in collaboration to make great things happen.


You will experience stylish Scandinavian open office surroundings, reflecting a modern layout. Our employees are provided with ergonomic workplaces, lounge rooms, pantry with refreshments, well-equipped conference and collaboration rooms and silent spaces, that are conducive for great explorative ideas or online meetings with colleagues abroad.


Everything we do is instilled with an air of professionalism, innovation, personal growth and fun. Although we are part of a large company, we still retain that start-up vibe.

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Where are INSCALE’s offices located?

INSCALE is a global company with operational development centers in Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Kyiv and Skopje. INSCALE’s head office is in Copenhagen.

What is the Best Way to Apply for a Position at INSCALE?

Search and apply for a job from our Careers website. Once you’ve applied for a job, your resume /CV and profile will be reviewed by our recruitment team. If you have previously applied for a position, you may be contacted by a member of our recruitment team when your application fits another position.

I have submitted my application. How long does it normally take to hear from you?

Once you apply for a position, your resume will be reviewed by our recruiters. If found suitable, we will contact you. If not, your selected resume will remain in our database for future vacancies.

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I am QA Engineer with over 7 years of experience in the field of testing. My experience has been diverse starting from manual testing, leading, and later expanding my skillset to web automation, performance, load, and security testing.


Our team works on a list of different projects that integrate with each other in the end. Currently we are working on a resource booking project that will be used to book certain resources for an activity that has predefined resources needed to take place.


Realizing that your work is appreciated is the highest satisfaction an employee can have, and INSCALE provides that. Added to that a great atmosphere, great people and management that strives to improve working conditions and perks gives you the full package.


Bujamin Beqiri

Senior QA Engineer

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Diversity – This is the first time I have experienced working in an environment that consists of more than 10 nationalities. We all get along well even with nations of historical rivalries. This is the unique aspect working in this company. Apart from this, you enjoy the vibe as you see almost everyone smile and greet you, which is truly contagious.


I am blessed to be a part of a company with individuals who compromise and turn each other’s differences into something fruitful. No matter how much workload you get, it is up to your mindset on how you will look at things; make them constructive because every single thing that comes is an opportunity. It can be pretty challenging but certainly the most rewarding. With 7 years working in this company it’s an achievement and I am hoping to count more years in the future.


Arvin Bernardo Alvarez

Mainframe Developer

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Thanks to the excellent work of INSCALE, our team is well-coordinated and each participant has all the necessary qualities to achieve our goals. I really enjoy my work.


My team creates an application for the leader on the French market for online mutual health insurance sales. There are only highly qualified specialists in the team. Our job gives us opportunities for personal growth.


Natasha Muzyka

Automation Developer

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INSCALE provides services that you need with a quality and speed that you would expect. It includes office facility services, financial services, HR assistant services, medical insurances services. I can always count on timely and competent resolution of issues that address to INSCALE team to assist with.


INSCALE tries to further expand its services by piloting training sessions for its contractors.


Andrii Dodolin

Product Owner

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What I love the most about INSCALE is the fact that we are surrounded by developers from different projects with new views and perspectives, this type of environment is great for problem solving or just acquiring knowledge.


As for the project, I am working in a team where we are trying to solve a problem of the company that revolves around certificate renewal process. It’s super exciting stuff and having the freedom of technology to use and approach to have is amazing.


Rui Felismino

Backend Developer

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I am a computer engineer with 5 years of experience in software development, mainly in object-oriented languages such as Java, C# and JavaScript.


I am currently a Fullstack Developer, responsible for developing the Digital Evidence Management Solutions (DEMS) that stores evidence about incidents that are recorded through body cameras. We communicate with our colleagues in UK on a constant basis.


INSCALE provides an excellent work environment with great work colleagues, top tier office equipment, adaptable standing desks, an office with plenty of natural sunlight and a gorgeous terrace overlooking the center of Lisbon.


Pedro Miranda
Fullstack Developer

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See our current openings

Interested in joining the team? We’re hiring. If you see something you like, let us know.

Cynthia Lim
Senior Recruitment Manager


If you don’t see a position that is right for you, submit your resume to our Talent Community at and we’ll contact you once we have a suitable role for you.

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