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Together we build your tech team in one of our locations: Lisbon, Skopje, Kyiv and Kuala Lumpur.


The team is hired for you and only works for you.

It is like having your own employees, just without the hassle of running an entity in the country. We take care of this, providing you a Managed Service of your satellite team.

We build your complete technical organisation.

Portugal – Macedonia – Ukraine – Malaysia

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Your Core Development

You are in control

We don’t believe you should outsource your core development.

Therefore, our model has you in control of your development and the people in your team.

We build your team to your requirements. Your team members are sourced from the job market, not from a bench.

You are an active part of the hiring process and approve each team member before they join your team.

We don’t move team members between clients.

The main outcome is we got great people, the results we wanted, and we divided the risk with INSCALE

Per Henrik Nielsen
CEO | Timelog

You choose the tech talent joining your team

To gain a competitive advantage, having the best tech talent on your team is essential.

Highly skilled software engineers seldom seek new opportunities.

Our strategy is to use headhunting methods to engage software engineers who are top performers in their field.

We carefully screen and assess these talented engineers to ensure they meet your requirements and are aligned with your company culture and mission. After presenting you with a selection of suitable candidates, you have the final decision on who joins your team.

We support your tech hub
We support your tech hub

We provide all the services needed for you to run your team effectively.

  • Offices with access control
  • Secure IT infrastructure
  • HR management
  • Governance and auditing
  • Certified ISO 27001

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Aprila Bank
Companies trust us
Our clients include small, midsized and large tech organisations, including the likes of SEB Bank, Danske Bank, ComplyAdvantage, Napier, Sbanken/DNB, Gambit (BNP Paribas), Intelliflo (Invesco), Blue Prism, GCEX, Banqsoft, PwC, Liva, Timelog and STARK.
We have 17 years of operations and have conducted 60,000 candidate interviews. We can guide you in best practices running a successful tech hub.
We build your team
We support your team
  • Experienced staff to build your team

  • Deep understanding of the job market

  • 38 technical headhunters to hire talent

  • 17 years experience in building high performing tech teams

  • We help you build the collaboration processes for your team to be well functioning

  • Experienced staff to support your team daily work

  • High grade office facilities

  • Banking grade IT security and GDPR compliance

  • Best practices in remote development

Operate in the capitals of Portugal, Macedonia, Ukraine and Malaysia
All Included

How do we facilitate the collaboration between you and your new team?

Talent Selection & Team Composition

Alignment & Knowledge Transfer

Relationship Management

Productivity and Deliverables

You and INSCALE will build a team in a long-term partnership that involves the Team Members acquiring in-depth domain knowledge of your business and software solutions to perform the required scope of work.

Therefore, INSCALE will in many cases, assemble resources that are beyond INSCALE’s organisation and are equipped with the required technical skills/experience and other important soft skills. An average of a 4-month duration is expected to establish the first team. Hereafter, adding new team members will run like clockwork in a steady stream as per your needs and a duration as low as 4 weeks.

During the onboarding phase, Alignment workshops and meetings will be conducted to align our organisations with our collaboration expectations, brand awareness, job descriptions and more.

The purpose of the engagement is to gain a deeper understanding of a client’s development methodologies, collaboration tools to tailor INSCALE’s services for a seamless collaboration.

In collaboration with leads on the client’s teams, INSCALE Delivery Managers ensure delivery excellence by overseeing the daily operations and deliverables for the assigned employees. They manage relationships with stakeholders across service delivery operations and liaise with the client’s program manager to establish effective communication and governance.

The dedicated delivery manager will oversee the delivery of the entire palette of INSCALE’s managed services for a specific client team, including HR Management, IT Operations, Facility Management, Security, Admin and Finance.

With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to conquer the cultural challenges that every organisation encounters when expanding their team abroad.

Once the team is at full throttle, INSCALE arrange meetings on activities related to performing the Scope of Work and Services in general. We find it important with a cadence of Coordination and Governance Meetings, so no detail is overlooked in all aspects of our Services: Delivery, HR matters, invoicing and customer feedback.

As significant resources will be invested to source and train the best talents, our employee retention strategy is of utmost importance. You will be involved to the extent of establishing a close relationship with your team. We in turn, support the Strategy by working on competitive salary and benefits, performance evaluations, communication schemes, training, flexible working hours, fostering team-work, dealing with changes in the pursuit for a healthy work/life balance environment.

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