“We gained access to a broader pool of candidates”

Jannik Vittrup

Head of Development | QualiWare


“The quality of the profiles that we got back from INSCALE was higher than we are used to”

“With INSCALE, we had fewer candidates than we are used to, but they fit better, and they were on a higher competence level than we are used to. In general, the quality of the profiles that we got back from INSCALE was higher than we are used to”

Jannik Vittrup

Head of Development | QualiWare



QualiWare was looking for an applications architect, a key role they spent over a year hiring for. They needed the individual to be placed in Denmark, close to the main office and head of operations. However finding the right individual proved to be more challenging than they had first expected.

When we started to look for our application architect, we met a lot of challenges. First of all, applications weren’t that many, to be honest. It was a hard time recruiting people in Denmark, in general. And then when we got some applicants they were not the right fit. The competencies were rarely the right ones and so on. So we had a lot of different challenges. And then obviously during that year also we had several interviews as well. But the profiles didn’t match.

When hiring for the role they had some must-haves and some nice to-haves that they were willing to compromise on. The new applications architect had to be based locally, used to working independently, and have a lot of experience. Preferably they were looking for someone who was Danish, but this they were willing to compromise on. The QualiWare development team in Denmark is already multicultural so adding someone new was not a problem. Jannik describes their thought process.

It’s a key position and it was very important for us that the person was located in Denmark, then it was also important to have a person with high skills that were used to working with architecture and that was comfortable speaking English as well. That was some must-haves. We also had a nice to have which was actually that we would like a person that speaks Danish as well, but that was not that important and we actually ended up finding a candidate that doesn’t speak Danish and that’s fair enough.


Trying a new model: Talent as a service (TaaS)

Jannik had a dialogue with INSCALEs previous employee, Niels Wøhlk, over a longer period of time. QualiWare already used different recruitment agencies that they were working with, and they also worked with In-house recruitment, so to begin with there was not a need for INSCALEs services and TaaS. However, after having spent over a year trying to recruit for the role Jannik wanted to try something else. In the past year, they had not gotten a lot of applicants, and the ones that they did get lacked the right skill set. Therefore Jannik reached out to INSCALE to ask for help in hiring for the applications architect role.

I found the Talent as a Service model quite interesting. There are a lot of advantages from my point of view in the Talent as a Service solution, and that is obviously the part that you actually take the cost and split it over a long period of time. But also you have what I would say is quite an extended warranty compared to other recruitment services. So I found the model interesting and I thought that if we should try something else after more than a year of recruiting we should give it a try.

The process started with a presentation of relevant stakeholders, a clear description of the role and was then followed up with regular meetings to ensure knowledge of the process.

With the help of INSCALE Jannik got 4-5 interviews with candidates that were already pre-screened to ensure that they had the right qualifications and were a cultural match for the company. From there he went on to select the candidate that was the best match.

INSCALE managed to in a very short period of time actually have a wider selection of candidates that enabled us to go through the candidates as they came in. With INSCALE, we had fewer candidates than we are used to, but they fit it better and they were actually on a higher competence level than we are used to. So in general, I think that the quality of the profiles that we got back from INSCALE was higher than, what we are we used to.


Growing a team
For this specific role QualiWare was looking for a developer located in the Copenhagen area of Denmark. From the beginning of the process until the new candidate was signed the process took approximately 3 months and the new applications architect is onboarding as we speak.

QualiWare has offices in other locations all over the world and is looking to grow the team in other locations as well in the future.

Now, we found our application architect, and in the future, I could easily imagine that we would use the INSCALE service again. Either the Talent as a Service or some of the other services that INSCALE provides, we have offices in different countries and developers actually located in different countries. So, we could easily see that we would use the recruitment from, INSCALE, to recruit to other locations as well.



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