Welcome to INSCALE Denmark, Copenhagen

Frederiksborggade 11
4th floor
DK-1360 Copenhagen

VAT No.: 33355416
+45 3157 9300

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INSCALE’s head office is situated in the heart of Copenhagen in an old beautiful building rich with history. The office is wedged between the city centre right next to Norreport, and the busiest train station in Denmark with a 15-minute connection to the airport by Metro. More than 250,000 commuters pass through the area daily and is also home to several flagship cultural sights, hipstrips, parks and appetite-piquing Torvehallerne KBH.

Our newly refurbished office is the smallest of all our INSCALE offices, but our rooftop terrace overlooking the ancient skyline of Copenhagen makes it an attractive place to visit for our clients, employees, business partners and everyone who visits us for meetings or informal drop-ins. Something we cherish very much.

Henrik Mou


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