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Soravia Center Boulevard
Phillip the Second of Macedon 3
Floor 8/2001
Skopje 1000
North Macedonia

+389 23 201 210

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Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, amid the mountainous country of North Macedonia, Skopje has a population of almost one million and presents the major economic, industrial, and academic center of the country. In the World Bank’s report “Doing Business 2019”, North Macedonia ranks 10th among 190 economies and leaves all other South Eastern European countries far behind.

We can recognize Skopje as a very competitive business location in Europe. It offers a tradition of excellence, skilled and available workforce in an environment of macroeconomic stability, excellent infrastructure, good labor market and as a land of nature and cradle of culture.

Over the past decade, the city’s technological development has been breathing in a dynamic rhythm, making Skopje a lively and relevant IT destination. Even though North Macedonia has a population of 2 million, it provides excellent supply of well-educated, highly skilled, talented and motivated IT experts. Nearly 400 students graduate yearly at IT Universities and move on to develop their career in the software engineering world. The high level of language skills, mostly in English, among the workforce of North Macedonia is one of the country’s major competitive advantages.

Skopje is a strategic location and communicates easily with the Mediterranean region to the south east and the area of Central and Northern Europe. It is only a few hours’ flight from most European Countries, supported by low-cost and frequently operating airlines. Skopje is in the central European time zone, making it a convenient location for easy-going remote collaboration.

Skopje boasts a diverse, modern, friendly and outgoing population, a rich cultural tradition and natural heritage. Our work-culture can be described in a few words: High standards of professionalism, direct communication, transparency and proactiveness.

At our office we strive to provide an inspiring work environment fostering creativity and overall wellbeing of our employees. Our stylish, Scandinavian office design has ergonomic workplaces, and the layout reflects modern office standards with open office environment complimented by separate areas to relax, reflect and conduct online meetings with colleagues abroad. The offices are situated near the city square in a modern business center that offers a convenient connection with the entire city. Linked to the city shopping center and the beautiful quay along the Vardar River with its amazing cafeterias, the office offers a magnificent view.






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