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Portugal is a member of the European Union with similar cultural, economic and political values, and has the lowest inflation rate in Europe. This gives the capital city, Lisbon, the advantage to attract and accelerate businesses and is recognized as a global power. Lisbon is also recognized as one of the safest cities in the world.

Portugal has been focusing on spearheading the establishment of an innovative ecosystem through several initiatives to foster technological collaboration and talent development. A series of economics, science and business regulations are implemented to create an entrepreneurship-friendly environment.

Portugal emerges as a landmark in foreign investment due to its high perception ratings on key structural factors. Sharing the same GMT as London, only an hour time difference with central Europe, and the connection via direct flights to almost every capital city in Europe; communication and on-site collaboration with the teams in Portugal is an ease for other European countries. It is a top ten choice for upcoming countries venturing into Software Development.

A world-class talent pool of more than 4000 graduate students annually and qualified professionals relocating to Portugal, creates a vibrant tech scene. The quality and know-how of our engineers is one of the best in Europe, and our expertise scope ranges from Software Development and Testing to UX and Design. You can find a high-standard educated workforce where English is widely spoken, that is resilient and adaptable to work with other cultures.

In 2018 INSCALE chose to settle in Avenida da Liberdade, one of the most elegant places in Lisbon. A place of choice for offices, internationally renowned fashion stores, festivities and a place well known for its centenary trees where thousands of commuters pass through daily.






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