CYBERCRYPT Webinar – Cyber & Product Development Security

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What was it about?
The 17th of June, 2021, INSCALE and CYBERCRYPT held a webinar about Cyber & Product Development Security, where the key speakers, Peter Jerry, Frederik Gottlieb and Esben Mogensen, from our partner and ‘NAVY SEALS’ of product security CYBERCRYPT, talked about elevating the security posture of your products, adapting to security trends, and withstanding threats of the future.

Subjects raised included Security Priorities at the Board Level, Threat Picture, Encryptonize – Data Protection for Cloud Workloads, Blackbox Analysis (reverse engineering), Security Architecture and Cryptography, all matters interesting to secure intellectual property, data, products and to safeguard assets of your customers.

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    Peter Jerry
    Peter Jerry is the Chairman and COO of CYBERCRYPT and has been with the company from the start in 2017. He studied at CBS, INSEAD and Wharton Business School and have degrees in International Marketing and Strategic Management. He had positions as CEO of France Telecom Denmark and Orange Business Services in the Nordics, Cisco Denmark and EADS Denmark and has worked in product and business management roles for Alcatel, Huawei, Cannon and GN Great Nordic. His primary focus and knowledge is Business Strategy in technology-savvy companies.
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    Frederik Gottlieb is heading up CYBERCRYPT’s product division building secure products for the cloud. With more than 20 years of experience building and leading software development in companies like SimCorp and Agoda, he is today focused on how to protect data for cloud workloads. Frederik’s interest in cloud comes from the highly difficult task of managing the right balance of product features, security, and usability to build the best possible secure products.
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    Esben Mogensen has been working for a decade within information security & product security. His main goal has always been to match companies needs with the right experts and technology. This has turned out to be a successful path and has improved the security posture of many companies.

    Why was it of any interest?
    Technology is now becoming better and more advanced, and cyber-attacks present a growing threat to businesses and individuals. To protect our businesses and critical data, strong cryptographic protection in every device and application is more than needed. The webinar registrants collectively agreed, that sufficient product and IP protection is one of the most relevant concerns of today. A good implementation of the right security mechanisms, no matter if it’s for embedded software, native apps, cloud workloads etc., leads to the highest protection standards for your products/services and will be essential to protect your brand and revenue.

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    How does CYBERCRYPT handle Product Security?
    CYBERCRYPT has a total of 4 specialized product security teams that are working together to help customers elevate their products’ security posture.

    Security for embedded software and devices
    IoT, edge computing, smarthome, medical, automotive, automation, etc. Within this team, we employ several white-hat “hackers”. They are also part of a prominent CTF team in Germany that is among top 10 in the world and organises its own highly acclaimed CTF competition annually.

    In-app protection and app shielding
    Code obfuscation as well as anti-dynamic and anti-symbolic countermeasures to protect your Intellectual Property inside a mobile app or any other application. Here we rely on our bespoke software technology for in-app protection. We also have tools and capabilities for reverse-engineering and binary analysis.

    Backend & cloud security
    Design and implementation of security architecture for the workloads in a cloud environment, data security in the cloud, DevSecOps, Kubernetes security, container etc. In the part of data security in the cloud, we base on our bespoke software technology called Encryptonize for application-layer encryption, which will be suitable for any cloud.

    Expertise in cryptography across all these 3 areas above is a major differentiator that separates us from most companies in the world providing services within secure product development. Indeed, we have professors and cryptographic PhD on our payroll to deal with a problem of any complexity level in this field, from lightweight cryptography for low-resource embedded devices all the way to post-quantum publickey cryptography to thwart the threat constituted by emerging quantum computers that would render all the currently used public-key cryptography insecure.