Talent as a Service – The Critical Transition to TaaS 2023

Are you interested in a more efficient and effective way to find top-tier talent for your company? Then you might want to learn about Talent as a Service (TaaS); executive search for tech-talents.

What is Talent as a Service?

TaaS, formerly known as Resource as a Service (RaaS), is an innovative and unique approach to Talent Acquisition that focuses on finding the right talent for your company, not just recruitment.

At INSCALE, we specialize in Talent as a Service, finding passive talents who are not actively seeking a new job but have the hard skills required and match the values and ethos of your company. We have a dedicated headhunting team that finds the right talent for our clients, not just push CVs. We provide talent acquisition as a service where talent is not assigned to a single project, but should be chosen by you for the job.

Unlike other recruitment agencies that charge heavy up-front costs and no risk assessment, INSCALE offers Talent as a Service in a subscription model, sharing the risk with our clients. If the new hire is not the right one and leaves the company within the first 36 months, INSCALE offers a replacement free of charge.

One of our clients, Aprila Bank, has already experienced the benefits of our Talent Acquisition services:

INSCALE’s business model supports the notion that you’re working with talent and not only recruitment. INSCALE has changed the business model, and you are focusing on talent. You also then ensure that you have skin in the game. If you don’t find the right talent for the right company, you will neither get the long-term benefits of that relationship.

Israr Khan
Co-founder & CTO | Aprila Bank

Our goal is to be a growth partner for your company, making Talent as a Service accessible and efficient. Finding Tech Talent is hard, time-consuming, and costly, even if companies go about it with a “Do It Yourself attitude.” That’s why we offer a new and modern solution to ensure that our clients don’t fall behind and lose productivity.

What should you do?

Partnering with INSCALE means that you find the right talent for your company, not just anyone who can do the job. Contact us today to learn more about Talent as a Service and how we can help you find passive talents that fit your company’s values and ethos.



We elevate your business with premier tech talents

INSCALE is your strategic IT scaling partner. Our specialty lies in headhunting, recruiting, and onboarding the best tech talents in your industry to scale your business. We are not constrained by national borders or whether the best talent has a job – we always find and attract the best talent to fit your needs.

At INSCALE, we are proud to operate 6 tech hubs, located in Lisbon, Skopje, Warsaw, Sofia, Kyiv, and Kuala Lumpur. Here, we can build a remote team of tech talents to help you scale your business to the next level.

If you’re interested in elevating your business with premier tech talents, please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive an offer from our sales department.

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